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Melanated Organ Trafficking

Because melanin is in every organ of Indigenous melanated people their kidnapping and murder is prevalent across the globe!

First thing, what is the primary reason Black people are targeted and preferred above others? Illegal organ trafficking is a global phenomena, every “race” on the planet has had their organs harvested illegally at some point in time. Poor and powerless people around the world are often forced, tricked, or terrorized into giving up their organs. The question is, why does it seem be that the organs of melanated people are the ultimate prize?

One, because Black people are made of the most dominant substance in the universe, Melanin. Think I’m exaggerating? The Military uses Melanin for weapons, armor and energy storage. Nasa uses it to make space suits for astronauts. If Melanin wasn’t so ‘magical’ it would be sought after so aggressively and used to fight wars and explore space.

Two, because we currently live under a system of white supremacy. Which is a system, consciously or unconsciously created by Caucasians, designed to maximize the potential for ‘white genetic survival’ amongst the genetically superior melanated masses. In other words, since Caucasians can not survive as a species on planet earth without extreme accommodations (system of white supremacy, racism, genocide, sunblock, etc.) it necessary for their survival to improve their genetics. This can be done by harvesting organs of superior humans and implanting them in themselves, just like in the movie ‘Get Out’.Harvesting the organs of melanated people allows them the perceived opportunity of ‘white genetic survival’.

Lastly, most people on the planet are “melanated” (black, dark brown, light brown). Meaning they have sufficient melanin to provide a healthy homeostasis in earth’s natural atmosphere. In other words, melanated people are empowered by the sun and earths environment, rather than tormented by it. So more organs are being harvested from melanated people not only for the supreme quality but because there are simply more black and brown people on planet earth to choose from..


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