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Immune System Support

Why C hates Spirulina!




The following information is not medical advice nor has it been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information discussed here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. They are ONLY meant to inform you of the hundreds of years of research that exists and confirms the importance of nutrition for a strong immune system, the decades of research that confirm the health benefits of algae and the recent research about the COVID-19 so you can make an informed decision about how to protect yourself. All claims made here are backed by science and, links to the science have been provided.



The COVID-19 is a virus that contains a single strand of RNA surrounded by a round shell and “tentacles” that protrude from the shell. In order for it to replicate itself, it needs a “host” cell whose DNA it can use so it invade your cells and uses YOUR DNA to do this.

To enter your cells, the COVID-19 uses its “tentacles” to identify “receptor cells” on the outside of your cell walls that it uses to “dock”. Once it has landed on your cell, it transmits its virus RNA into your cell where it uses your cell’s DNA to replicate itself. Once your cell is fill with the virus, your cell bursts so more of the virus RNA spreads. This cycle repeats itself and allows the virus to spread quickly.

Stopping or slowing the growth of the virus depends on a lot of things but primarily on how strong your immune system is. A strong immune system can identify and disarm/stop the virus BEFORE it has the chance to enter your cells. A weakened immune system may not be able to do this but it still may be able to identify and stop the virus AFTER the virus has invaded your cells. The way it does this is with special immune cells (invisible to you) that include Killer cells, T- cells, B-cells, macrophages white blood cells etc.

A severely weakened immune system may not be able to do either of these things which allows the virus to spread rapidly and unabated, causing so much damage that even medical intervention may not be enough to protect you from eventual organ failure. That’s why you need a strong immune system.

To be strong, your immune system needs nutrients to build these immune cells. It gets these nutrients from the food you eat. If you don’t eat nutrient-dense food, it can’t operate optimally. Spirulina algae is the most nutrient dense food in the world with over forty vitamins and minerals including the anti-viral nutrients your immune system needs. That’s why spirulina algae is great for your immune system.



Your lungs become infected and inflamed so they cannot get enough oxygen or remove carbon dioxide. They eventually become so damaged they fail.

The virus appears to kick out the iron atom in your hemoglobin and replace it with itself. This can lead to three extremely dangerous and deadly results:

a)The iron atom in your hemoglobin is what carries oxygen in your blood. When this iron atom is removed (and replaced by the virus), your hemoglobin can’t carry oxygen any longer to your body and this can lead to organ failure. Many COCVID-19 patients die from cardiac arrest because their heart was deprived of oxygen.

b) When the virus invades the blood, it changes the pH of the blood so it is more acidic. This causes the hemoglobin to clump and make it even more difficult to carry oxygen to the organs and contribute to cardiac arrest.

c) When the virus forces the iron atom out of the hemoglobin, the iron atom doesn’t disappear. It remains in the blood stream but since it is no longer safely INSIDE the hemoglobin, but is OUTSIDE of it in your blood plasma, it becomes a dangerous, caustic, acidic molecule that damages everything it comes into contact with – most notably your lungs. This free iron appears to one of the main causes of lung damage.

Scientific studies have shown that nutrients in spirulina algae can help protect you.


1. Builds a Strong Immune System

2. Helps Stop Growth of Viruses including coronavirus COVID-19

A strong immune system will help protect you from getting the COVID-19 virus or stop it. But to have a strong immune system, you need good sleep, moderate exercise, minimal stress, good water and most importantly, good nutrition.


Your skin and mucous membranes are the first line of defense against COVID-19, bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances. These not only act as a physical barrier, but and they also contain immune cells. For example, when your skin has a cut, harmful bacteria or microbes can enter and invade your body if your immune cells weren’t triggered so they could destroy them.

When a virus like COVID-19 invades your body, the mucosal surfaces will similarly attempt to identify, remove and kill it using antibodies. If that’s not possible like with COVID-19 (which is new so we don’t have these antibodies), it will then use other proteins and mechanisms to attempt to kill the virus (T cells, Killer Cells, macrophages etc.). But in order to make all of these killer cells, T cells, macrophages and anti-bodies, your immune system needs “anti-viral” nutrients that it gets from your food. If you do not give your body these nutrients, you will have a weakened immune system which means it may not be able to defend you from pathogens like COVID-19. Spirulina algae tablets are a fast, easy, safe, nutrient-dense plant-based food that provide your body with the optimal, anti-viral nutrition your immune system needs

Your immune system defends your body from COVID-19 or infection using two main systems

VISIBLE Immune Organs (visible to you)

INVISIBLE Immune Cells that operate without you knowing Invisible to you)

Visible Immune System:

This includes your skin, respiratory system, lymphatic system and most importantly – your mucosal membranes.

The mucosal membranes are the initial contact between your immune system and the outside world and are found in your GUT, (stomach, intestines, digestive tract) as well as in your urogenital tract and your respiratory system (lungs, mouth, nose and throat).

Your Visible Immune System includes:

• skin

• bone marrow

• the thymus, a gland in your upper chest

• white blood cells, which fight infection

• lymph, a milky fluid carrying white blood cells

• the lymphatic system, a network of tiny vessels that carry lymph around the body

• lymph nodes, small lumps in your groin, armpit, around your neck

• the spleen, an organ under your ribs on the left

• mucous membranes, like the lining of the inside your stomach, mouth, lungs, nose

What do your mucosal membranes do?

1. They are the link between your visible and invisible immune system

2. They determine the correct immune response and create the correct cells to

defeat, kill and remove any viruses or pathogens it finds.

When a virus like COVID-19 is detected, your immune system is alerted and releases appropriate defense mechanisms to identify, destroy and remove it. The mechanisms it uses include antibodies, white blood cells, T cells, Killer Cells and other proteins. But only if it is strong enough and has the nutrients it needs to make all of these cells to defend you. A weakened immune system can be caused by many things including a diet that is missing the critical anti-viral nutrients it needs to defend you.

Invisible Immune System:

The invisible part of your immune system is the part you can’t “see” but it is the most critical part. It includes all the specialized cells your immune system creates to defend you. These cells identify, kill and remove pathogens and viruses like the COVID-1 using T-cells, B-cells, killer cells, white blood cells, macrophages, antibodies etc. But in order for your immune system to create these cells, it must first have the anti-viral nutrients it needs to make them. That’s your job - to eat food that gives your immune system what it needs to defend you. Or simply take spirulina.

Approximately 80% of your immune system is in your gut. This is because your gut is where the food you eat is converted into antibodies, T cells, B-cells, Killer Cells etc. so your immune system can defend you. If you want a strong immune system, you need to provide it with the nutrients it needs to do its job. Or simply take spirulina every day


A strong immune system needs immune-building nutrients like amino acids, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, vitamins A and B, minerals like iron and zinc. ALL of these immune-building nutrients and forty more are found in algae - the most nutrient dense food in the world (according to NASA). That’s why spirulina algae tablets (and chlorella algae) tablets are a safe, easy source of immune support nutrition.

Algae is NOT a supplement – it is a food crop that has been grown in Asia for over fifty years. You can purchase spirulina almost anywhere like Whole Foods Markets, Wegmans and health food stores and since algae is a food, not a supplement, your body absorbs all of its nutrients quickly and easily (unlike supplements which are made in manufacturing plants from extracts that your body doesn’t recognize or absorb well). Algae is so nutrient dense and has so much protein in it, in 1974 the United Nations declared spirulina algae the answer to world hunger and NASA says 1 gram of algae has 1,000 times more nutrition than any other fruit or vegetable. In fact, Spirulina powder or algae tablets are so nutrient dense, that 1,000 tablets contains the same nutrient value as 551 pounds of fruits or vegetables. That’s why we refer to Spirulina as “Efficient Nutrient Superfood.”


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