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Global Overpopulation Lie Was Based on Greed and Selfishness!

Did you know that approximately 47% of the land in the United States is currently not being utilized? This vast expanse of unused land presents a unique opportunity for various purposes such as conservation efforts, sustainable development, and urban planning. With proper management and strategic planning, this underutilized land could be transformed into valuable resources for the benefit of the environment and society as a whole.

The unused land across the USA includes areas such as abandoned lots, brownfields, and other vacant spaces that have the potential to be repurposed for agriculture, renewable energy projects, or recreational areas. By tapping into this untapped potential, communities can enhance their resilience, promote biodiversity, and create new economic opportunities. Furthermore, addressing the issue of unused land can contribute to mitigating urban sprawl, protecting natural habitats, and reducing the environmental impact of human activities. By raising awareness about the significance of optimizing land use, we can work towards a more sustainable and harmonious relationship between human development and the natural world.

It's time to stop blaming overpopulation for our environmental woes and start looking at the factors that really matter—resource consumption, usage of carbon-based fuels, and toxic exposure as population growth and fertility rates show downward trends. Yet despite slower growth, the planet is still moving toward a climate disaster. While global fertility rates are decreasing, greenhouse emissions all over the planet are rising quickly, hitting record levels every year since 2019.Yet the most recent findings of the United Nations reports that only1% of people on Earth were responsible for more than double the number of greenhouse gas emissions of the poorest 60%. Population growth is expected to grind to a halt in most industrialized countries by 2050, before decreasing by as much as a billion humans on Earth in 2060!

A study, commissioned by the nonprofit organization The Club of Rome, predicts that if current trends continue, the world's population, which is currently 7.96 billion, will drop by 1.2 billion before 2060 mostly from industrialized nations before declining by nearly 2 billion to 5.95 billion before the century's end. The nations with the fastest declines in population are as follows:

JAPAN 19% Loss by 2050

ITALY 15% Loss by 2050

BULGARIA 27% Loss by 2050

LITHUANIA 20% Loss by 2050

LATVIA 26% Loss by 2050

UKRAINE 24% Loss by 2050

SERBIA 20% Loss by 2050

BOSNIA 18.5 % Loss by 2050

CHINA 40% Loss by 2050

GREECE 15% Loss by 2050

PORTUGAL 12% Loss by 2050

GEORGIA 12.5% Loss by 2050

GERMANY 20% Loss by 2050

POLAND 15% Loss by 2050

RUSSIA 35% Loss by 2050

ROMANIA 19% Loss by 2050

CUBA 12% Loss by 2050

HUNGARY 13% Loss by 2050

ESTONIA 12.5% Loss by 2050

ALBANIA 17% Loss by 2050

MOLDOVA 16.7% Loss by 2050

CROATIA 18.5% Loss by 2050

TAIWAN 20% Loss by 2050

SOUTH KOREA 10.5% Loss by 2050

THAILAND 30% Loss by 2050


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