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Foreign Companies Invest Millions In African Hemp Industry


Hemporium has pioneered hemp building in South Africa, starting with “The House that Hemp Built” in Noordhoek Cape Town in 201. The house is a showcase for hemp products and includes hempcrete walls, hemp chipboard, hemp insulation, hemp carpets, curtains, couches and more. We have since been involved in 4 more buildings, including a Soup Kitchen in Khayelitsha. Hempcrete is the “better than zero carbon” building system.

Hemporium is a South African hemp company that is committed to showcasing all that hemp has to offer by providing quality products made from this eco-friendly and versatile plant. Hemporium is actively lobbying for legislation change in order to allow South African farmers the right to grow this beneficial resource. Through Their online hemp shop, Hemporium offers high quality, innovative products to raise awareness of the incredible versatility of industrial hemp. You can also call in at our hemp shop in Cape Town, South Africa

Customers are invited to browse the online hemp shop for fashionable hemp clothing and accessories. Hemp fabric is available in a range of weights and textures. Hemp clothing is comfortable and also extremely durable, lasting for years while retaining its original good looks.

Hemp clothing is also Anti-microbial and mold-resistant

You can also buy beautiful hemp fabric from the wide variety of blends and weights in stock in the hemp shop. Hemp clothing keeps you pleasantly cool in high temperatures and warm and cozy when the temperature drops. Naturally anti-microbial and mold-resistant it is the perfect choice for clothing and hemp home-ware textiles like our attractive eco-friendly duvet covers.

Hemp seeds are an incredibly healthy source of protein and nutritious oils. Packed with all 8 of the Omega/essential fatty acids the body needs – you can keep your diet healthy from this one handy source! Hemp oil is a medically recognised treatment for conditions including diabetes II, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis


The Malawi Hemp Association (MHA) is a non-profit organization created to encourage trade and discourse among hemp professionals. MHA is dedicated to the development of the hemp industry in Malawi. This goal will be attained by coordinating legislation, agricultural organizations, farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers and investors. The promotion of the hemp industry in Malawi is congruent with the desire to improve the environment and economy in Malawi through production and utilization of hemp farming and products. On May 18, 2015, Boniface Kadzamira, an independent member of parliament, stood up in Malawi’s national assembly to make the case for the legalization of industrial hemp. “The whole house laughed at me. I was literally booed. They started saying that I’ve gone nuts,” said Kadzamira. “My family and friends weren’t happy either. They were asking, ‘Why are you, a God-fearing person, talking about chamba?’” he laughed, using the local term for cannabis. “Even my wife was saying, ‘I’m so ashamed. The neighbors are talking, saying you introduced this issue in the national assembly!’”.

A lot has happened since Kadzamira stood before parliament on that day in 2015. A full year later, parliament adopted a motion by Kadzamira, asking the government to legalize the growing of industrial hemp in the country. Kadzamira moved the motion “considering the enormous economic, medical and nutritional value industrial hemp has.” While there were MP’s in parliament that day in June 2016, who urged government to exercise caution on the issue, fearing that unscrupulous people could take advantage of the legislation to promote the growing of illicit Indian hemp (marijuana), by July 2017, the debate on legalization was once again re-ignited in parliament, with many officials keen on the idea. Now in 2022 a smile has returned after Malawi's parliament passed a law authorizing the cultivation of cannabis in February 2020, making it legal to be used in the production of medicines or hemp fibers in industry. Since being passed, all the administrative wrinkles of the law have been ironed out and the crop is to be planted this rainy season in Malawi, which falls between October and November.

Hemp is a botanical class of cannabis sativa grown specifically for industrial or medicinal use. It is a non-drug product of cannabis. Cannabis for recreational use as a drug remains illegal in the country. And that is not a problem because industrial hemp and marijuana or chamba as it is called in Malawi cannot be grown together. Hemp eradicates the THC of chamba making it useless as a recreational drug.

Farmers from the northern district of Rumphi say the desire to go back to the land has returned because of the potential of cannabis farming. Demand for the crop is high and no one wants to miss the boat. Many Malawi Farmers are forming cooperatives and envisioning great wealth and prosperity, "What is interesting is that we have already found a market for the hemp. It's a relief to some of us who are used to farming for business," one farmer said.

The advent of cannabis farming is generating much excitement in the country said Boniface Kadzamira, Chairperson of the Cannabis Regulatory Authority (CRA), an institution that oversees all issues to do with hemp, said the livelihoods of Malawians will improve with cannabis production, because it will bring more money into the country.

Kadzamira said that apart from being used in the production of medicine, cannabis is a multi-versatile crop that can be used to produce paper, sacking, clothes, food and building materials. He said the government is working on a processing plan, but has not yet acquired the equipment. Production facilities for cannabis products will be located in areas where high volumes of the crop are grown and this will be identified in due course, he added.

"In the meantime, farmers will be selling unprocessed cannabis until we buy processing equipment. Already some people have already started cultivating through irrigation farming while others are waiting for rains later this year," he said. An Israeli company - Malawi-Israeli Gold Limited - has been in the country for the past few days and their chief focus is ascertain whether they can venture into the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp into medicinal hemp-products.

Geri Kolin, who is the company's senior cannabis consultant, told local press that his outfit intends to open a training institution for medicinal cultivation and processing which will target local farmers in the country. "The company's vision is to create Africa's first cannabis hub in Malawi," said Kolin, whose team has also met agriculture minister Lobin Lowe for license processing from the Cannabis Regulatory Authority


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