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Flower Farmer combines "Wild Natives" with Pure Inspiration

Sabrina Pilet-Jones is the owner of a local Micro Urban Flower Farm that “Incorporates Wild Native plants, and is making a mark in the Boston area.” Sabrina’s Garden at 1-3 Akron Street exudes the fragrances of medicinal and aromatic herbs,

as you approach. The flower arrangements you will find are bright, alluring, fun and exuberant in presentation. Sabrina combines meticulously foraged goodies into beautiful cut bouquets and vase arrangements for the Greater Boston local community. Her aim is to offer fresh-cut affordable flowers so that everyone can enjoy the beauty that nature provides. Along with bouquets, Sabrina's garden offers seasonal workshops, services, and products that inspire one to embark on a closer relationship with mother earth to bring balance and wellness into their lives. For Sabrina flowers are beyond a mere adornment for the home but a portal into a new way of life.

For Sabrina this is more about the personal touches she can offer than a corporate mentality. Her shop is the reflection of someone who embraces and embodies natural beauty in spirit as well as mind.As she states on her website; “Working with Flowers growing in nature is a beautiful experience. Just as nature is unpredictable so are the growing seasons therefore we do not guarantee any particular variety we ask that clients allow for the Farmer/florist to design to their eye with keeping their personality and color preferences in mind. Our arrangements are harvested and created with love and creativity specifically for you”

Sabrina has been bringing smiles to her community since 2021 and the popularity of her shop is only growing. Who is Sabrina? To put it simply…”Sabrina is a local urban farmer, Florist, Educator, and Creative mind, she appreciates nature and connects humans back to its wonder. Part of the mission of Sabrina's Garden is to express the marriage between plants and Growing the relationship to our spirit within. Growing up in the urban city of Boston Sabrina did not have access to much gardening and it was NOT an interest of hers. Desiring a Career shift in her late 20's she found the Urb​ and it helped to foster her desire and lay a foundation for her to learn and acquire the knowledge and support she needed. Sabrina says that the plants have always been a part of her life but the way they showed up the past few years has reaffirmed her connection and desire to share mother nature's gems with everyone!”


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