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Florida's Ousted Immigrants Headed To Prosperity in Northwest Georgia!

City of Dalton Georgia is 60 percent Mexican and growing!

Dalton is considered the floor-covering manufacturing capitol of the world. There are numerous large companies that make carpet, textiles, vinyl flooring, and ceramic flooring, etc. There are also large manufacturers of auto parts, chemicals, plastics, and solar panels.

Hispanics are historically less skilled laborers and tend to work in production more than other ethnicities. Much of this has less to do with their ethnicity directly, but more with their culture. These people tend to do well in agricultural production and factory/assembly line work.

The b

oom began in the mid to late 80’s when there were no fewer than 300 to 320 carpet manufacturing companies in the area. At that time, the word went out that anybody who needed a job would have one in Dalton, Georgia. It grew from there, but until recently had diminished somewhat over the past 10 to 15 years. It has grown in the past 4 months from a 45% population of Latinos in Dalton to almost 60% because of Florida's expelling of immigrants.


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