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Escape From Boston's Heat!

Boston's heat emergency, declared Tuesday July 21,2022 through Thursday July 24,2022, was extended through Sunday, keeping a dozen cooling centers open, Mayor Michelle Wu said. The heat wave is expected to continue at least until then,Friday Boston officially hit day four of a heat wave. A heat wave is defined in Boston as three days in a row, or more, of 90 degrees or higher.

Officials up and down the Interstate 95 corridor urged residents to hydrate and watch for signs of heat-related illness. The National Weather Service said Saturday evening that more than 30 of its stations across the country will remain in a heat advisory through Sunday. High humidity was pushing heat indexes — the temperature that the air feels like — above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Boston can be gloriously warm and sunny, hot and miserably humid, or, especially during the first part of June, chilly and rainy. Most summers contain a mixture of all of these conditions - plus dramatic thunderstorms.

But as Bostonians know this heat has been unusual in its length of duration.

The National Weather Service and The Farmers Almanac can agree that On average, we're expecting summer temperatures in 2022 to be hotter than normal across most of the country, ranging from the Atlantic Corridor south to Florida, across to the West Coast, and everywhere in between. The heat wave was due to an interaction between the high pressures that generate atmospheric stability and Storm Alex, the strong sunshine of the boreal summer, and an air mass coming from North Africa, which entered the Iberian Peninsula loaded with suspended African dust. Spain and Portugal occupy the Iberian Peninsula, which is separated at its southern tip from North Africa by only a narrow strait situated at the juncture of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Ironically or karmically this heat wave hit Spain, Portugal and Morocco straight on the heels of the Mellilla Massacre that killed over 37 asylum seekers who traveled from the conflict in the Sudan.

Video and photographs show bodies mostly young students strewn on the ground in pools of blood, Moroccan security forces kicking and beating people, and Spanish Guardia Civil launching teargas at people clinging to fences,” Now instead of migrant workers the desert sends a deadly heat wave across the border. For the past few weeks record-breaking heat waves in Western Europe are responsible for more than 2100 heat-related deaths in Spain and Portugal. In Mijas, Spain, in the municipality of Malaga, 3,500 people have fled due to fires. More than 22,000 acres of land are at risk of being burned in the Mijas province as firefighters struggle to contain the flames. So in the big picture we are lucky here in Boston compared to the areas this heat wave started in. Temperatures up to 45 degrees celsius (113°F) hit Moroccan provinces on Friday and Saturday. With rising temperatures becoming a norm worldwide due to climate change, Europe’s annual death toll due to heat - the world’s highest at 100,000- is set to increase!

Health experts in Boston urge its citizens to drink lots of water, rest often in shaded areas if outside and watch out for those who may be at higher risk of heat-related illnesses. Boston is home to many pools open to the public. For singles or couples needing a break, head to the Colonnade Hotel that boasts a rooftop pool. As one of the few hotel pools open to non-guests, you will want to get there early to grab your day pass and lounge chair. Non-guests are only allowed during the week, weekends are only for hotel guests. So you might want to book a room for a short stay and order cocktails poolside. If you want a pool for the whole family check out the Veterans Memorial Pool in Cambridge. This pool is free to all and is open 11:15am - 6:45pm daily.

For those with an adventurous spirit, backpacks with bottled water picnic lunches and ice packs early morning or after 1 pm are the best times to hop in the air conditioned hoopty and go exploring the new and old spaces of Boston or head to the many beaches, ponds, rivers, and marinas.

If you love atmosphere and fine dining The Pearl is the coolest spot in town for cocktails and seafood with a n'awlins flair. We recommend the Bang Bang Shrimp, Grilled Oysters with a Sidecar or Lobster Roll and Sweet potato fries with white wine. Located at 20B District Ave Boston, MA 02125, call for reservations the place is usually packed but has spacious outdoor seating near a natural wind tunnel.


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