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E.T. Did Not Build The Pyramids!

Where did the idea that UFO aliens built the pyramids begin, and why racism lies at the heart of most extraterrestrial theories?

Since 1987 Frank Joseph has published several books, focused on the mythical continent of Atlantis. From 1993 to 2007, Joseph was also the editor-in-chief of the pseudo archaeological Ancient American magazine. Frank Joseph is also the pen name for Frank Collin, who was the former coordinator for the American Nazi Party! Pseudo-archaeology comes in many shapes and sizes but essentially gives the same message: the original eumelanin dominant people of the planet did not have the knowledge, technology, or capability to achieve all that the evidence shows they have accomplished because Europeans, the smallest minority on the planet, have little to compare, so someone or something else was most likely from outer space were involved.

This collective malignant narcissism based on insecurity, and fear, in which entire communities of people believe that their opinions based on white supremacy supersede empirical reality and scientific fact, is undermining America's present and future prosperity, stability and freedom, not to mention the basic health of our society.These same people that believe ET’s from Atlantis educated Africans, Mexicans, Aboriginal Australians, Pacific Islanders etc. also denied climate change until the reality was inescapable.

Ancient alien proponents will tell you Egypt’s great pyramids, for example, or Peru’s Nazca lines were really due to extraterrestrials.Those who talk about Atlantis or secret quasi-religious orders like the Illuminati as the cause for black celebrity success are known as Hyper diffusionists. Hyperdiffusionism presents the argument that suggests that certain historical technologies or ideas did not originate with any people outside of Europeans or caucasians but originated with a single people or civilization presently unknown to anyone on earth.

These so-called experts specifically try to dispute tangible evidence brought forward by Afrocentrists, who in recent years proposed (with sound argument) that New World civilizations were influenced by African visitors at key points in the centuries that preceded the European discovery of the Americas. The theory is shown to have mounting support in evidence that has been analyzed by specialists in various fields but it gets little attention in mainstream media. However, new ancient alien documentaries and specials about Atlantean Mer-people can be seen regularly as part of scientific research on multiple media platforms. Much like the racist theories concerning the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, hyper-diffusionism allows adherents to posit that white people were both the teachers and the eventual victims of nonwhite societies.

Now with the aid of overwhelming archeological and dna evidence we understand that ancient Kemet (so-called Egypt) was not only a melanated African civilization in its founding and the majority of its history but also held a fortunate geographical position that made contacts to western Asia the so-called middle East and the Mediterranean (Greece,Macedonia) possible, while being safe from invasions. The fertile soil led to ample time to study the world, so explorations in art, sciences,architecture,philosophy,agriculture, and language could be cultivated. Now we know that agriculture originated in Kemet and only later spread to Mesopotamia. "The earliest cultivators of the soil in Egypt were in fact laying the foundations not merely of agriculture and irrigation but of all the arts, the social organization and foundational religious beliefs which became an integral part of the civilizations of the world.It was Kemet not Extraterrestrials that informed civilizations from east to west, from north to south, from Mesopotamia to Anatolia, Troy to Macedonia, from the Greek city states to Phoenician civilization, from Carthage to Rome, from Baghdad to Al-Andalus, from Byzantium to the Ottoman Empire and even the Americas.

“The most substantial evidence for non-earthly creatures arrived in the wake of H.G. Wells’s success.The Time Machine by H.G. Wells has underlying tones of classism, parochial thinking, and ignorance which lead to the common themes of racism and division within societies, which directly draws parallels to modern American behaviors. Author Wells emphasizes the negative human conditions through their characters within their society, stressing the notion that the current common human behavior will ultimately lead to a bigger divide amongst races. The Morlocks have devolved into Albinoid cannibals who control the Elois with technology only deformed albino mutants can maintain. The Morlock also feed on the Elois, literally, and view them as cattle.”(Sarah E Bond 2018) The popularization of the theory of alien architects as having a basis in science can be attributed to Swiss author Erich von Däniken’s 1968 publication of the book Chariots of the Gods it was one of the first popularly sold books to suggest that extraterrestrial life forms, not humans, built the structures associated with indigenous ancient civilizations.

No culture is safe from Hyperdiffusionist theories, because they are the easiest to adapt to the conspiracy of replacement of white people. Chariots of the Gods became a bestseller in Europe, but it was the National Enquirer’s underscoring of the book through a serial series published in the tabloid that introduced it to readers in the US in 1970. Three years later, NBC aired an adaption of the book retitled In Search of Ancient Astronauts (featuring a cast of all white men) which translated and visualized the racist pseudo-theories of archaeology and science for American popular consumption.Ancient white Atlanteans, Aryans, or Solutreans traveled to North America first and were “replaced” by Indigenous peoples. Books and articles by Frank Joseph and Patrick Chouinard, regular contributors to the Renegade Tribune.adhere to early 20th-century Nazi beliefs that white Aryans were descended from the people of Atlantis, who purportedly also spread to the Americas tens of thousands of years ago and brought technology and wisdom with them that somehow Europeans forgot (note, they also forgot how to build pyramids and what Stonehenge was for!). Joseph and Chouinard argue that these white descendants in North America were replaced over time by Indigenous peoples.

Ancient aliens theory discredits the origins of civilizations, and almost entirely of non-white civilizations. People may suggest Stonehenge was built by aliens but do they suggest the Roman Forum or the Parthenon were? No. (Medieval Historian C. Reidel, 2018)


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