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Black History and DEI Community In Murals At Roxbury Community College!

The Legacy of Black History and community nurturing is historically celebrated in the Art of Massachusetts's only HBCU the much lauded Roxbury Community College!

In the fall of 2005, RCC campus welcomed Massachusetts State Representative Byron Rushing to teach the much anticipated “Roxbury History” course. The course focused on the significant community history, people, places, and historic sites of this Boston neighborhood. In the photo to the right, Representative Rushing is seen standing in front of one of many art pieces found around RCC’s campus. This particular mural Dedicated to the legacy of civil rights, The Black Panthers and the Conceptual Artist's Grandmother Annie Abbie Hamilton of Atlanta Georgia is entitled Climbing, by Michael R Thierry and assisted by Charles Matthews. was funded by the class of 1997.

On November 3, 2006 RCC’s Reggie Lewis Center hosted a rally to support Deval Patrick’s campaign for governor. More than 5,000 people attended this energizing event in support of Patrick, including U.S. Senator Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis Muralist Michael R Thierry then associate Editor of TRUE Hip Hop Magazine was part of the security detail brought in by the NOI to protect then Senator Obama. He later appeared on the Today Show Japan hosted by Mai Denawa Fellow at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). with Film Director Debra Shariff (Founder of the Boston Screenwriters Group) to discuss American politics and the African American perspective. Mike is currently the co-founder Chief Information Officer of Black Coral Inc a non profit focused on Climate change education.

Cast of Independent period film Ricewood Creek starring Mike Thierry as enslaved Father Jed Simpson.

The outdoor mural, titled "An Ode to Africa in the Americas," is a collaboration of Roxbury community artists, led by Boston-based master muralists at RCC. It celebrates Africa’s rich history and culture

Laura DeDonato's mural at RCC depicts the land that RCC sits on as it transitioned from an apple orchard with the indigenous Roxbury Russet to the T and industrial buildings and to the college it is today. The large figure is Ed "Pop" Cooper who worked to better the Roxbury community and started many of the community gardens.


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