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Black Coral Treasurer: J. Lynda Blake, A Key Speaker at NAREB Summit Boston

Touted as the "Boston Community Wealth Building Day" Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance & NAREB funded by Bank of America Invited Boston's Elite and Activists To Publicly Speak, Answer Questions, and Offer Answers to Wealth & Home Ownership In Boston!

J Lynda Blake Listens to Community Members Concerns

A week prior to migrants being housed at the Reggie Lewis Center J Lynda Blake spoke their and talked about the urgency of affordable housing needs for the citizenry of Boston. In recent years Boston has been plagued by predatory lenders and a justice system seemingly in cahoots with organizations supposedly set up to help the people but who only seem to facilitate their removal from properties many have spent a lifetime saving to own! In fact Lynda has witnessed cases where judges have made decisions bordering on the criminal and many racially biased against homeowners in favor of many so called "investors" under indictment and legal sanctions for unethical and sometimes criminal acts! Many of whom skip town with ill gotten gains for fear of the Attorney General's office scrutiny and offer nothing in the way of building the city economically.

Black coral Inc is actively working to provide housing through multiple projects and educational programming supported by local economic educational initiatives to help those displaced/affected by Climate and homelessness and funded by various entities such as Lyft and the Mass Cultural Council. A big piece of that puzzle beyond coming together to fight for more homeownership resources is the fight to help homeowners retain their properties when hit with the economic challenges of the modern post pandemic and climate impacted world!

Roundtable Disussion on the Role of Banks And Community Responsibility

As the only woman invited to participate in the roundtable discussion with the community the Ms. Blake uses her knowledge as a real estate developer and owner of Narman Construction a 25 year old "woman owned" Construction firm that gained a modicum of fame for being able to repair homes in extreme weather conditions. Ms. Blake understands adversity the Dorchester resident knows what it is like to buy and improve properties only to be harassed to sell by people who have no skin in the game of improving your community but would rather build a liquor store or a Starbucks than see a Tennis park, community pool, or a farmers market.

Besides being a licensed contractor, former Banker and Accountant Ms. Blake has a Masters Degree in (Construction) Business Management and represents The National Association of Real Estate Brokers, (NAREB),which is a Real Estate Professional trade organization. She is also the publisher of many magazines including High Soaring Millennials Magazine and can be seen in the documentaries The Forgotten Souls of Tory Row and the upcoming "Saving Roatan" she was also featured in the New York Magazine "Entrigue"!Currently in Boston their is an overflow in shelters unable to house the influx from opioid addicts ousted from their suburban communities and dumped in the Boston City hospital area to homeless veterans suffering from multiple diagnoses, the elderly and now a new migrant population many of whom were displaced by our own nations corporate economic interest but at the publics expense!

Representatives from multiple communities were present

The Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex began the first week of February serving as a temporary overflow shelter for families, and now the Reggie Lewis center is ground zero for their housing again it is the Black communities all across the nation that are serving as the saviors of people who will in most cases support policies that will negatively impact our communities we have seen these groups multiple times who grew up in countries where self hate and colorism was the rule rather than the exception and people fall over themselves trying to ingratiate themselves to a system intent on keeping them as a servant class who must abandon their visual aspects of ethnicity, and all cultural affinities for a semblance of acceptance and minimum wage.

Although Wealth Building was the primary focus housing was a central topic that continually was raised. The event aimed to bring together members of the community to explore strategies for building wealth and creating a brighter future. With slide shows, motivational speakers, a lunch and photo ops with local politicians the in-person event, gave the community at large an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, local entrepreneurs, and experts in various fields. The lineup of speakers shared their insights and experiences, providing valuable knowledge on financial planning, investment opportunities, and innovative business models.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, looking to enter the housing market, or just starting on your wealth-building journey, the event was designed to inspire, educate, and empower you. From interactive workshops to networking sessions, it delivered practical tips and strategies to take control of a persons financial future. Overall this was a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders, expand your network, and discover new pathways to success.

Kenrick Williams VP Community Lending BOA is flanked on the left by Mr. Richard Phipps the Regional VP for NAREB Region 1, New England. Explains How The Bank of America Can Help You Win!


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