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Black Coral Inc Launches Clothing Line

Let The World Know You are Fighting Back Against Climate Change!

Black Coral Inc. Headquartered in Boston, MA. is a non profit corporation with sites across Boston and the Honduras. The organization provides Climate change education through artistic endeavor and installations and mediation training Health and wellness education, emotional intelligence growth, youth and elder services, internship opportunities for media and publishing as well as green jobs opportunity and financial literacy services. In May 2021, Black Coral Inc. Received a $5,000.00 seed donation to develop a programming that would empower, inform and educate the Boston community about the looming dangers of climate change and ways to prepare and edify our communities from the potential social and economic collapses our continual adherence to fossil fuels is bringing about.

Black coral Inc. seeks to operate efficient programs on reasonable budgets, aligning it with broad organizational strategies to increase general public awareness, Afterschool and summer programming accessible to all age groups and diverse populations and solidify these programs as capstones while continually improving a beneficial connection to communities in need of plans of contingency which protect lives and property as well as give opportunity for future generations to access an economically secure, and healthy future.


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