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Black Coral Inc. Community Program Guidelines

Black Coral Has Set Goal and Seeks Quantifiable Results With All Its Programming and Educational Services.

Black Coral Inc.

Community Programming Development Guidelines

Program Works toward Mission Black Coral Inc. is a 501c3, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Greater Boston community and global ecosystems endangered by climate change, through increasing awareness,support and knowledge culled from multiple sources most notably the cultural heritage and wisdom of indigenous peoples that can be used to protect ecosystems, water sources and arable lands from the ravages of climate change.

Each Program must have a strategic goal.

Program must be appropriate for a mission, for example, a car show fundraiser may not be an appropriate event to promote climate awareness unless it is for green and fully electric vehicles, then you could seek funding from car companies like Tesla.

Yearly planning is a must to establish funding needs

Hires, Who gets in place and is paid (exclusive of volunteers, college interns, and youth programs with stipends for education or gift cards supporter donated and why?

Identify the community's needs.

Identify the community or segment thereof being served.

Identify how they are being served (tutoring, Home building, literacy, health needs met, food desert focus, Cooking for health and food security,First aid?) All are valid

Identify Soft Skills Computer sciences,Diversity focus,Youth Educational Development example MCAS for ESL or College Prep, Elderly skill building,Veterans services, Homeless services,Parenting Education (Examples might be canning, herbal medicine,caring for infants in extreme weather conditions heat or cold, Victory gardening for sustenance, herbal gardening for health, paper and soap making etc…

We focus on transparency and public service and good will.

Impact and Outcome statements for public consumption.

Saturday Excursions, programs etc that may include outings to arboretum, hiking trails, climate focused events, Note no individual or partisan party political support events as a non profit

Reminder activities are different from programming they must have accountability to organizational vision!

Black Coral is eligible for Community Building Grants and 57% of donors actively seek information about our cause and community impact.

Program budgets are always focused on costs of 12 months of programming.

Acceptable costs are as follows: Office Equipment, Marketing,Advertising,Gas, Travel,Printing,Copying,Tutoring,Supplies,Web/Social Media,Workbooks,Food for those being served, Textbooks,Green Education,Holistic Health Wellness,Critical Thinking (Ex. Recognizing fallacy,history,accuracy around climate issues,Financial literacy, how going green supports individuals and community at large,Green Job training Example farming,animal husbandry, solar/wind power instruction installation,Life Skills training.Production of Green Climate focused publication, documentaries, and varied multimedia promotional materials generation T shirts Brochures etc….


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