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America Wants To Block Out the Sun To Save People Without Eumelanin!

The Climate Time Bomb Is Ticking... Yet We Focus On Idiocy Rather Than Common Sense Answers that Might affect Billionaire Profits!

The first humans were most certainly black. The human species evolved in East Africa about 200,000 years ago. Black skin was necessary for survival in this hot and sunny climate. Since strong sun exposure damages the body causes shorter lifespans and infertility; Natures solution was to evolve skin that was permanently dark so as to protect against the sun's more damaging rays. Eumelanin, the skin's brown pigment, is a natural sunscreen that protects the majority of Earth's peoples from the many harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. The first archaic humans that left Africa 40,000 years ago are believed to have had dark skin, which would have been advantageous in sunny climates. But humans did not uniformly develop light skin when they reached the colder regions of Europe lighter skinned freckled red haired and green or blue eyed Neanderthals evolved to survive and populated most of Europe under horrible conditions for thousands of years.

When modern man appeared in Africa he left once again as the climate was warming mated with Archaic human females and thus the modern Eurasian came to be. As humans migrated from Africa into Europe (What is called the Middle East is actually a former part of the African land mass but was separated by a man made *Suez Canal for ease of trade shipping and political reasons), about 40,000 years ago. A sun lower in the sky and shorter day lengths would have favored skin that more easily synthesized vitamin D. People living in the northern latitudes often don't get enough UV to synthesize vitamin D in their skin so natural selection had favored two genetic solutions to that problem—evolving pale skin that absorbs UV more efficiently or favoring lactose tolerance to be able to digest the sugars and vitamin D naturally found in animal milk.

Light-skinned people living in high sunlight environments are more susceptible to the harmful UV rays of sunlight because of the lack of melanin produced in the skin. The most common risk that comes with high exposure to sunlight is the increased risk of sunburns, sun poisoning and skin cancer. So evolution has arranged that light skin, absorbs more UV for the production of Vitamin D than dark skin this is a positive in regions lacking sunlight but detrimental in areas of high sunlight. Yet too much sun exposure can reduce your chances of getting pregnant lower the birth weight and lifespan of your child and lower the overall lifespans for people without the protection of Eumelanin.

That's because studies have shown that radiation present in the sun can affect folic acid, a vitamin that is involved in rapid cell growth and DNA synthesis during pregnancy. Not only does the UV radiation affect births but temperature as well. Since Melanin is found in every organ and it is also more abundant in dark pigmented people they have less problems with DNA damage caused by Climate. Research has found that hot weather causes a fall in birth rates nine months later. Evidence suggests that this decline in births is due to hot weather harming reproductive health around the time of conception. Birth rates only partially rebound after the initial decline. This may be because the sex drive does reduce in some populations who are uncomfortable in hotter climes especially during summer, leading to slightly fewer conceptions. The sperm count is also adversely affected in extreme heat. It is not clear whether heat reduces a woman's egg quality.

But the main question is suppose we did decide to do a block of sunlight to protect the phenotype and politically constructed race we call white from becoming brown, what would be the consequence? First, the color of the sky could change no more blue skies they would possibly be green, yellow or brown depending on the type of algae that would populate the oceans. The chemical composition of the ozone layer and oceans would most likely be permanently altered. Photosynthesis, which depends on sunlight, may slow down or stop completely meaning the planet would die of slow suffocation from lack of oxygen, we would be harming biodiversity and agriculture so massive starvation. And global weather patterns could change unpredictably we could accidentally induce another ice age or an even worse heating of the planet.

How would blocking the sun cause an ice age? To put it simply in a best case scenario within a week of blocking sunlight, the average global surface temperature would drop below 0°F. In a year, it would dip to –100°. The top layers of the oceans would freeze over, but in an apocalyptic irony, that ice would insulate the deep water below and prevent the oceans from freezing solid for hundreds of thousands of years. Keep in mind we are talking about blocking sunlight which could give everyone on the planet free energy forever to protect oil, gas and nuclear profits that have caused climate change and bought out almost all Earths leaders and politicians globally!

I wonder if our global leaders ever think about what the masses of humanity would do to them once they figured out their greed and lust for power is causing our planet to die. Do they think we would let them travel to Mars or hide in underground bunkers while our children die? If we learn nothing from history we should learn how despots and the privileged usually end up whether they were responsible or not for a nations downfall. No matter how civilized we claim to be rationality and mercy leaves when we watch our children suffer.

Blocking out the sun has other effects pertaining to human health. In Australia and worldwide, the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency is increasing – and sunscreen has taken much of the blame. Low levels of vitamin D are associated with weaker bones and teeth, infections, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases including multiple sclerosis. And although vitamin D supplements have been touted as a solution, so far they don’t seem to have the effect that was expected. Now evidence is accumulating that sun exposure has benefits beyond vitamin D.

Ironically the best way to solve the problem of the sun is solar power! Photovoltaics using the sun is the most cost effective way to protect humanity from increased global warming and solve our energy problems simply the only thing blocking this is big oil and gas and nuclear power businesses who don't want to lose their massive profits and subsidies! Yes, we subsidize the people killing our children and destroying the planet! The planet is getting hotter because of the burning of fossil fuels and ironically those nations who caused this will suffer the most.

If we make a conservative assumption that solar costs $41 per MWh (towards the high end of current cost range for utility-scale solar power globally) and installed it in the hot desert, powering the world with solar energy would cost us about $978 billion.

While pretty much no one is claiming solar geoengineering could solve climate change, supporters argue it could have a big planetary cooling effect for a relatively small price tag. A 2018 Harvard study estimated it would cost around $2.25 billion a year over a 15-year period. The loss to your average nation would be about 50% of their GNP and 50% of the average GDP. According to the latest projections, the IMF expects the global economy to reach nearly $105 trillion in nominal value by the end of 2023. So the cost would be approximately $52 Trillion in lost profits or more for 15 years equaling approximately $780 Trillion!

*The Suez Canal, a man-made waterway connecting the Mediterranean and Red seas and separating the Asian and African continents, is a major route of the international shipping trade. It is the shortest shipping route from Asia to Europe, cutting about 40% of the route going around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. ED.


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