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Roatan Eco Education  Reef Fund

Black Coral's Reef Conservation Program of Roatan Honduras, gives Educators financial assistance  to engage in conservation projects and scientific studies that benefit coral reef management. Students access  first hand education in Roatans Coral Reef


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Black Coral Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to protecting ecosystems endangered by climate change by increasing awareness, support, and scientific knowledge of the complex changes occurring in these environments impacted by climate change.


These threats include pollution from hydrocarbons, changing coastal areas due to sea-level rise, habitat loss from land development, recreational over-use and abuse, destructive fishing techniques, and ocean acidification. Black Coral Inc. presents different ways to take action to save the planet.  


Black Coral Inc. also attempts to preserve the knowledge and cultural heritage of indigenous people so that we can utilize it to protect the ecosystems from the ravages of climate change. Black Coral Inc. presents indigenous populations with options for economic empowerment and educational opportunities to help them to make the earth a healthier place to live. 

Awarded High Level of non profit transparency  certified nationally as a Trusted non-profit organization.

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